Review laser level Huepar 902CG

High-quality, professional green laser level HUEPAR 902CG, which projects two closed planes due to cone prisms. We recommend reading the review to the end, as this model is really worthy of attention.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

laser level Huepar 902CG

In General, I must say that this is a very serious company. This brand is sold in many countries around the world, including the United States.

As evidenced by the large number of abbreviations, certifications and compliance with special directives on the battery cover.

Battery cover Huepar 902CG

In addition to the standard CE certification for sale in the European Union, HUEPAR laser levels comply with the stricter RoHS certification guidelines. Which clearly limit the content of dangerous substances.

Moreover, for sale in America, the device has been tested for compliance with FDA standards. (American Federal administration for supervision over the quality of products, including electronics)

All this, both indirectly and directly, indicates the high quality of the products of this manufacturer.

In the Chinese market, you can see many identical devices with different stickers or without them at all. The most famous model is the SNDWAY SW-332G. But the original brand of the manufacturer is HUEPAR.

This is also indicated by such moments as:

  • direct application of the logo on the device body, rather than a separate sticker;
  • instructions with the original front side indicating the site and contact information (for others, it is simply torn off);
  • and most importantly, a branded box with a logo, certificates and a two-year warranty.
laser level Huepar 902CG

In General, friends, if you are considering purchasing a laser level of this design and form factor. We recommend that you take this particular company. With both red and green laser beams.

Now let’s move on to a more detailed review of the HUEPAR 902CG laser level.

Technical parameters

  • Accuracy: ± 0.3mm / m
  • Range without receiver: 30 m (with 100 LUX illumination)
  • Range with receiver: 50 m (100 m in diameter)
  • Vertical scan: 360 °
  • Horizontal scan: 360 °
  • Tripod thread: 1/4″ Wall mount: 1/4″ and 5/8″
  • Compensator range: 4 ° ± 1 °
  • Laser class: Class 2 (IEC / EN60825-1 / 2014)
  • Laser wavelength: green 510 ± 5nm, red 635 ± 5nm
  • Time of continuous work from 1 pc. batteries: ~ 4 hours – all lasers on
  • Power supply: 4хАА (LR6)
  • Dust and moisture protection: IP54
  • Working temperature: from -10 °С to + 50 °С
  • Storage temperature: from -20 °С to + 70 °С
  • Set weight: 1500 gr
  • Dimensions: without towers: 8.4 / 6.4 / 8.1 cm, with towers: 11 / 6.4 / 10.7 cm
  • Minimum distance from the horizon:
  • to the floor – 9.3 cm
  • to the ceiling – 1.4 cm
  • Distance from the parallel vertical to the wall: 1.4 cm

Housing laser level Huepar 902CG

I would like to start with the fact that the case is very compact and even causes some surprise. It is slightly larger than a small workhorse – Firecore 112G, which is of course very cool.

Comparison Huepar 902CG and Firecore 112G

The Huepar 902CG laser level is made of high-quality ABS plastic. Exactly the same plastic is made of no less high-quality level FUKUDA MW-93T-3GX, only with three planes of 360 degrees.

All parts of the case have an excellent interface with each other. And the rubber that covers all corners of the device is also verified with high accuracy.

build quality Huepar 902CG

It should be noted that the engineers have well thought out and disassembly of the body in case of alignment of the level. To disassemble the case, you just need to Unscrew the four screws from the bottom and remove the front protective tower. Which is also fastened with four bolts.

After that, you will have full access to the inside of the device while maintaining its functionality. This is really very convenient.

Battery compartment

The base of the device is neatly mounted with a brass thread for mounting on a tripod or any other accessory.

There is also a clearly designed battery compartment for four AA batteries, with a non-removable cover. Which is tightly closed with a fairly powerful plastic latch.

Battery compartment Huepar 902CG

A toggle switch with a good smooth running and a membrane button on the top are also made with the utmost care. For more information, see the section “managing the laser level”.

In the end, I must say that the case is perfectly assembled. The build quality is not inferior to the laser levels of world brands.


The HUEPAR 902CG laser level has a standard pendulum type compensator.

The pendulum, with emitters installed on its trunk, plays the role of a swinging plumb line in such structures. And to stop it faster, magnets are placed at the bottom. This results in a fairly accurate and reliable design.

The speed of installation of the compensator, after switching on or rearranging, takes about 4 seconds.

The compensator in this laser level is able to automatically align in the ± 4°range. If the device is positioned at an angle greater than this value, a visual alarm will be triggered in the form of flashing lines. This is a simple and convenient protection against erroneous markup.

When the compensator is blocked for transportation, when shaking the hand, a barely noticeable sound is heard from the free movement of the compensator. But the backlash is so small that it can not be displayed in any way on the entire alignment system.

Control elements

Anyone can handle the device, but some nuances are worth mentioning. And so everything is in order.

The Huepar 902CG laser level is controlled by a two-position toggle switch and a button at the top.

The toggle switch in the “open lock” position opens the pendulum and immediately activates both planes. And in the “closed lock” position, it blocks the pendulum, but does not turn off the device!

Switching off occurs by pressing the top button for a couple of seconds. This is certainly not very convenient in my opinion.

Lock toggle switch Huepar 902CG

The button at the top is responsible for several functions at once:

  1. for turning on the laser level when the compensator is blocked. That is, for activating the TILT function;
  2. for switching planes separately;
  3. for activating the receiver mode. You need to hold the button in auto-leveling mode for 2-3 seconds until the lines blink and the corresponding blue indicator on the panel lights up;
  4. for completely disabling the device.
laser level Huepar 902CG

Overall, the controls are intuitive. Therefore, there should be no difficulties with the request, even in the absence of instructions.

Functionality Huepar 902CG

For such a low cost, this laser level has excellent functionality.

This includes working with the receiver up to 50 meters in one direction in any light. Mode of operation at any arbitrary angle. Which, by the way, can be set on a very convenient magnetic mount that comes with the kit, but more on that later.

Two closed 360-degree planes that can be projected as close as possible to the ceiling and wall.

This is one of the main advantages of cone prisms, which has long been appreciated by all specialists of finishing works.

Do not forget about bright and thin green lines. Which, all other things being equal, are better visible than the red ones. We will consider their thickness just below.

The only thing is that the absence of a second vertical automatically deprives this level of a laser plumb line. Which is just formed at the intersection of two verticals on the floor and ceiling.

But everyone understands that this level is designed specifically for people who do not need a plumb line and a second vertical. And they would be quite suitable device with two planes in a circle, but for less money.

Well, who still does not want to deprive themselves of such pleasure, and wants to buy a green 3D level with a plumb line of this brand. We recommend that you consider the HUEPAR 603CG model. Which, in addition to all the charms of 3D levels with cone prisms, has the ability to work from the network.

The thickness of the laser line at different distances

High-quality LD laser modules produce a bright and thin laser line. So, at a short distance of 1 meter, the line thickness was no more than 2 millimeters.

Laser line thickness at 1m Huepar 902CG

At 3 meters, attention! No more than 1 millimeter!

Laser line thickness at 3m Huepar 902CG

The distance of 5 meters. The line thickness is just above 1 mm.

Laser line thickness at 5m Huepar 902CG

And at a distance of 15 meters only 3 mm! Moreover, the sharpness of the borders and the brightness of the line are also at an excellent level.

Laser line thickness at 15m Huepar 902CG

Great results!

This is the best performance of all laser levels that have ever been tested, both with cylindrical prisms and with conical ones. And there were quite a few of them.

If earlier the conical prism, a priori, give a thicker line. Today we can say with confidence that cylindrical prisms are becoming outsiders.

The possibility of mounting on different tripods

The level itself, except for one 1/4 ” thread in the base has nothing. But the included wall-mounted magnetic mount impresses with its capabilities and quality of execution.

The mount is very well thought out. Powerful neodymium magnets are located on both surfaces. Also very neatly mounted are two brass bushings with 5/8 and 1/4 inch threads.

Magnetic mount Huepar 902CG (1)

In addition to magnets, the mount can be mounted on a self-tapping screw or nail. And both one and two for greater rigidity.

The slightly protruding, round rubber heels also indicate a high level of fastening. They are made specifically to avoid scratching the magnetic surface.

Magnetic mount Huepar 902CG (2)

The most important feature of this wall bracket is its turntable. On the basis of which there is a calibration of the angle in increments of 15°. Yes, it is rough, but nevertheless the idea is very interesting.

Magnetic mount Huepar 902CG (3)

Interesting moment!

The platform rotates quite tightly, which makes it possible to set not only a horizontal angle, but also a vertical one. For example, you can set an angle of 45° degrees, both on the floor and on the wall.

Magnetic mount Huepar 902CG (4)

Agree, this is a great mount and it is included! By the way, you can buy it separately. It is not so expensive compared to other magnetic mounts.

Delivery set

The Huepar 902CG laser level is delivered in a branded box containing:

  • high-quality sewn soft bag with logo;
  • the device itself;
  • multifunctional magnetic wall mount;
  • magnetic target;
  • instructions in several languages.
Delivery set laser level Huepar 902CG

Pros and cons

Excellent price compared to competitors, very high-quality performance, two 360° planes, green bright and thin lines, operation mode with a locked compensator, operation mode with a receiver, separate switching of planes, cool thoughtful magnetic mount included, convenient disassembly of the case for self-adjustment.

There is no sound alarm when overclocking, no plumb line, does not work from the network.

Video review of Huepar 902CG

Video for testing the accuracy

Adjustment Huepar 902CG

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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