Review laser level FIRECORE F304T-XG
The green FIRECORE F304T-XG 4D laser level, this is the first level from this company with four 360-degree planes.
Review laser level FIRECORE F504T-XG
Professional, perfectly assembled 4D laser level FIRECORE F504T-XG with quality Osram laser modules.
Review laser level Firecore F113XG (XR)
The new compact laser level Firecore F113XG with a green beam, and with the prefix “XR”
Review of the rotary laser level FIRECORE FRE207R
Fully automatic rotary laser level FIRECORE FRE207R. It is mainly used for marking open construction
mini Firecore F94T-XG
Review laser level Firecore F94T-XG
New! Quality, shockproof 3D laser level Firecore F94T-XG with green beams. This is a professional model
min Firecore F93T-XG
Review laser level FIRECORE F93T-XG
Professional green laser level FIRECORE F93T-XG, which projects three bright closed lines around the
mini Firecore F112G
Review laser level Firecore F112G
High-quality laser level Firecore F112G with green laser beams. Which projects a very bright laser cross.
min 411G
Review laser level Firecore FIR411G
Professional laser level with green rays FIRECORE FIR411G, which has collected all the necessary functionality
min FIR-GL8-EA
Review laser level Firecore FIR-GL8-EA
Professional, high-precision green laser level with electronic compensator FIRECORE FIR-GL8-EA (4V4H1D).

A young company with positive dynamics. Firecore laser levels have proven themselves well in recent years. The popularity of this brand is constantly growing and this is not accidental.

All because the Firecore laser levels have a high-quality build and low cost. Everyone is looking for a “golden mean”. Laser measuring devices of this company perfectly fit this definition.

Today, there are about 15 models of laser levels with a magnetic pendulum compensator and with different colors of the laser beam.

There is one model of a line laser level with an electronic compensator called FIRECORE FIR-GL8-EA. A very interesting specimen.

And there are also two models of rotary levels with an electronic compensator. For outdoor work over long distances up to 600 meters in diameter. The cost and quality of which will also pleasantly surprise you.

The main competitors in this price range are of course Huepar laser levels which in some points are superior to Firecore. And Fukuda laser levels. Here I must say that some models of Firecore are assembled at the Fukuda factory.

In General, everything is quite intertwined and confusing. But we can definitely say that today these are the three strongest laser level brands in China.