Huepar P03CG laser level review

The Huepar P03CG laser level is a new model of 3D level from the company of the same name. In this modification, the device has a powerful removable Li-ion 11.1V (max 12V) battery with 2600 milliampere hours.

Also, the Huepar P03CG laser level has built-in Bluetooth and a remote that allows it to operate both at the same time.

The device has passed all required certifications such as: CE, RoHS, FC, FDA, which indirectly indicates the high quality of the product. Let’s talk about all the details and functions of this model in more detail in this detailed review.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

Huepar P03CG laser level

The Kaiweets KT360A laser level is one of the similar quality counterparts with a removable battery and solid metal protective towers.

Technical Data

  • Accuracy: ± 0.3 mm/m (± 1.9 in. at 33ft)

  • Operating distance: ≥ 20 m/66ft

  • Operating distance with receiver: ≥ 40 m/130ft

  • Compensator range: 3°±1°

  • Setting speed: ≤ 3 seconds

  • Power source: 11.1V Li-ion (max 12V) 2600mAh or AC

  • Working hours on a single charge: ~ 9 hours

  • Charging time: 3.5 hours

  • Remote control: yes

  • TILT function: yes

  • Bluetooth: yes

  • Auto shut off if all planes are off: after 5 min

  • Thread for mounting: 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-11

  • IP rating: 54

  • Laser class and wavelength: II (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1mW, LD 510-530nm

  • Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C

  • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C

  • Dimensions with turrets: 14x9x11.5cm

  • Net weight: 830 grams

  • Minimum distance from horizon:
    to the ceiling – 1,1 cm
    to the floor – 10.4 cm

  • Distance to wall minimum: 1.3 cm


Like all Huepar laser levels, the build quality of the housing is excellent. All parts are precisely fitted to each other with almost imperceptible gaps. Plus, the two main parts of the housing are joined together using a tongue and groove system, with an additional round rubber gasket placed in the groove.

The whole case is made of quality ABC plastic, which in some places is covered with black soft-touch plastic. Perhaps it is such a very toll rubber, but more likely it is a soft plastic.

The build quality of the Huepar P03CG laser level.

At the bottom of the side of the case there is a Type-C port for mains operation or charging the battery during operation. The battery, by the way, can also be charged separately, we will look at it in more detail below.

Port for charging or mains operation.

Here’s another thing. For example, you can remove the battery and put it on charge, and the laser level can be operated either from the mains or from the power bank. This is also quite handy.

The base of the Huepar P03CG laser level neatly incorporates two 1/4″ and 5/8″ metal threads for mounting on a tripod, or other specialized accessories.

Two threads for attaching the Huepar P03CG laser level to a tripod or bracket.

The turrets are made of metal and are attached to the housing through thick rubber gaskets, both on top of the safety glass and underneath. In addition, it is all made by the slot-and-slot system. And all this construction of the tower is reliably fixed with four bolts.

Thanks to such a device the device is perfectly protected from dust and moisture.

The design of the protective towers of the Huepar P03CG laser level.

Another plus point is that the windows are deeply recessed into the protective tower. Therefore, it will be difficult to dirty the glasses with your fingers or to break them in a fall.

Laser modules

According to the seller, the Huepar P03CG laser level has Osram laser modules from Germany.

Laser modules

It is not possible to verify this with certainty. But what is certain is that the lines projected by this model are very thin with sharp edges. See below for a test of the laser line thickness at different distances.


The 12 volt battery is also made of thick ABC plastic. There is a Type-C port on the case for separate charging and a small indicator on the side to monitor charging. The indicator light is red while charging, and when the battery is fully charged it turns green.

The Huepar P03CG laser level has a 12 volt battery with separate charging.

It should be noted that the battery case is collapsible. Inside there are three, already traditional, 18650 batteries. They are freely available everywhere in any quantity, so if you want and need it, you can replace them.

All electronic components inside the case are also made without criticism. In general, in a nutshell – an excellent, high-quality battery.

Disassembled battery from a Huepar P03CG laser level.


The entire mechanical compensation system is mounted on metal supports, unlike, for example, the Huepar GF360G laser level, which is definitely a big plus.

Although it should be noted that almost all Huepar laser levels have a metal compensator frame, except for a couple of models.
The operating range of the compensator is 3°±1°. Thus, if you set the instrument at a slight tilt (to either side), up to the specified values, the pendulum will automatically level out and show an accurate level.

If, however, the inclination range of 3°±1° is exceeded, an audible and visual alarm will automatically go off.

The speed at which the pendulum will return to its working position after turning on or repositioning the laser level, is 3-4 seconds. This is quite a standard value, not exactly fast, but not slow either.

All such mechanical compensators on magnetic dampers, absolutely all without exception, have one peculiarity. At a distance of 5 meters or more you can notice small fluctuations of the horizontal line (up and down), on the verticals this effect is not noticeable. This is absolutely normal, for this kind of compensators. This is how the magnetic field under the pendulum plays, which in turn is transmitted to the lines on the wall. Only laser levels with servo-driven electronic compensators like the Huepar DT03CG do not have this effect.

Huepar P03CG control

All controls are on one side of the housing.

Buttons and toggle switch for operating the Huepar P03CG laser level.

The toggle switch here is three-position:

“OFF” – the laser level is switched off and the compensator is locked.
“Closed lock” – In this position, the device is switched on with the compensator locked. This is also referred to as the TILT function – tilt marking.
“ON” – all planes light up and the pendulum is unlocked, for automatic leveling.

Personally, I didn’t like the toggle switch much. It goes well, tightly, but my finger slips on it.

The three buttons above are responsible for separate switching of planes – you can choose any combination, it is convenient. And the fourth button with arrows activates the receiver mode. When this mode is activated, the blue diode on the button will also light up.

Control by remote control and phone

The remote control and phone work with the Huepar P03CG laser level via Bluetooth, so they can be used simultaneously.

The remote control has 7 buttons. The F1 and F2 buttons are not used here, they are for new models that are not yet available on the market. What functions can be tied to them is unknown.

The remote control for the Huepar P03CG laser level.

To activate the remote control, first turn on the laser level with the toggle switch and then press the round power button on the remote control for a few seconds until the button lights up green.

Oh, by the way, with the same power button, you can turn all the planes off or on at once with a short press. In some situations this is very convenient.

The “H” and “V” buttons are responsible for switching the planes separately.

The upper and lower buttons on the circle are responsible for activating the receiver mode.

The laser level cannot be switched on by remote control because the pendulum of these compensators is physically clamped (locked) in the off position.

From the pluses we can highlight the built-in 3.7V/200mAh Li-ion battery. Which is charged through a modern Type-C port, and is located on the side edge of the remote.

Port for charging remote control

To control the device from your phone you need to download the “Huepar” app from the App Store or Google Play.

It essentially duplicates the entire functionality of the remote control, but additionally there is a digital level which shows the inclination of the housing when the laser level is placed on the surface.

Menu application to connect the Huepar P03CG laser level to your phone via bluetooth.

If your laser level and your phone don’t see each other (don’t connect), you probably banned “geolocation resolution” on your phone the first time you connected. Uncheck that box and everything should work.

How the auto power off function works

The Huepar P03CG laser level has a function to turn the unit off when not in use after 5 minutes.

For example, in operating mode with a locked compensator, you have switched off all planes, but power is still being supplied. In this case, the device will switch itself off completely after 5 minutes. At the same time there will be a beep every 30 seconds to remind you that the power is on.

But if you were working in automatic leveling mode (with the compensator unlocked), and turned off all the planes. In this case there will be a beep every 30 seconds, but after 5 minutes there will be no complete shutdown, because the pendulum is physically locked.

Comparison table with competitors

Accuracy, mm/m± 0.3mm/1m
± 1.9 in. at 33ft
± 0.3mm/1m
± 1.9 in. at 33ft
Compensator range, °3°±1°± 4°
Range without / with receiver20*m/66ft
Control panelanaloganalog
Dust and moisture protectionIP54IP65
Tilt functionyesno
Work with the detectoryesyes
Remote controlyesno
Working from an outletyesno
BatteryLi-Ion 12 VoltsLi-Ion 12 Volts
Operating temperature-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C
* – is a conditional indicator that depends directly on the degree of illumination, both indoors and outdoors.

Laser line thickness at different distances

In this test Huepar P03CG was excellent, at different distances the lines are bright, thin with sharp edges.

  • At 1 meter, the line thickness is just over 1mm.
  • A distance of 5 meters from the wall showed 1mm.
  • And at 10 meters the line thickness was only 2 mm! This is an excellent result.
Laser line thickness at different distances with the Huepar P03CG laser level.

Measuring laser line brightness

The Huepar P03CG laser level also passed the brightness test with flying colors.

Laser levels with cone prisms do not have the same light intensity as laser lines in a circle. This applies to all laser levels of any brand without exception. Therefore, you may see that your line is brighter somewhere and dimmer somewhere, this is normal!

On this basis, I measure in four positions. And so, the results are as follows:

  • Line brightness at 5 meters (bright side) – 34.6 LUX
  • At 5 meters (dim side) – 6.7 LUX
  • 10 meters (brightest part) 15.7 LUX
  • At 10 meters (dimmest part) 2.9 LUX

If you look at the brightness table of laser levels, you’ll realize that the Huepar P03CG is among the brightest.

Checking the declared accuracy

A 10 m accuracy check showed no exceedance of ± 0.3 mm/m. The Huepar P03CG laser level is therefore fully compliant with its specifications. See here how to correctly calculate the accuracy of laser levels with tapered prisms.

Checking the claimed accuracy of the Huepar P03CG laser level.

But you can also never rule out changes in accuracy due to various external factors. Precise instruments are known to require calibration from time to time. Let’s look at how to do this below.

Adjusting a Huepar P03CG Laser Level

Calibration here is quite simple. If you have all planes tilted to one side, you need to adjust the position of the entire pendulum. This is done with two bolts: a longitudinal bolt and a transverse bolt.

For example, screwing a bolt in deep into the swingarm will raise the front edge of the plane and lower the rear edge of the plane. If the bolt is unscrewed, the opposite is true.

Bolt for adjusting the inclination of the plane at the front and back of the Huepar P03CG laser level.

Moving the cross bolt will adjust the lateral inclinations of the plane in the same way.

Left and right laser plane tilt adjustment bolt on the Huepar P03CG.

If all planes have different offsets, then each module is adjusted separately, using the four screws at the base of each laser module.

Bolts for adjusting the position of the laser module. Calibrate the planes individually on the Huepar P03CG laser level.

Package Contents

The Huepar P03CG laser level is shipped in a plastic case that includes:

  1. device
  2. cord and plug for charging or mains operation
  3. 12V rechargeable battery
  4. green magnetic target
  5. metal plate
  6. remote control
  7. multilingual manual
  8. plastic case for transportation
  9. powerful magnetic mount with microlift (more details below)
Complete Huepar P03CG laser level in large plastic case.

This is a new magnetic mount with a microlift, I have never seen such a mount in other models before.

It is noteworthy that the scale in mm and inches is printed on the working surfaces, it’s really very convenient.

Magnetic mount with two millimeter and inch scales.

The back of the mount has six strips of neodymium magnets and two large rubber pads so as not to scratch the magnetic surface.

Magnets and rubber pads

There are two 1/4″ and 5/8″ threads on the bottom for attaching to other accessories. You can also see four rubber heels here, which allows for non-slip when mounting on slippery surfaces.

Two threads and four rubber pads for anti-slip

Let’s look at the four green screws.

Instructions for the magnetic mount from the Huepar P03CG laser level.
  1. Vertical microlift: lowers and raises the entire boom. This screw has an additional position lock.
  2. Horizontal microlift: moves the platform on the boom back and forth.
  3. Rotates the round platform around its axis.
  4. Shifts the platform left and right by 8mm.

Pros and cons

Affordable price, powerful battery, quality construction, three 360° planes, bright and thin green lines, good accuracy, Bluetooth, remote control, phone control, auto-off, TILT function, receiver mode, network or powerbank operation, all parts joints with rubber seals, metal protective towers, recessed glasses, metal compensator supports, easy adjustment without disassembly of the housing, Osram laser modules, separate plane switching, great magnetic mount included.

Not very handy toggle switch, one battery included.

Video review of Huepar P03CG

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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  1. Peter

    Hi Sergei,

    How would you rate this one compared to the S03CG/S04CG laser? Any preference between these two?


    1. Sergei Mikhailuk author

      Hi Peter. The device is excellent, like all models of this manufacturer. I was just making a poll in my group recently – “which level would you buy Huepar S04CG/S03CG or Huepar P04CG/P03CG. The S04CG/S03CG won the poll)) But the choice is really tough as they are all good. The S04CG/S03CG has a screen that shows you the angle of inclination, this of course extends the functionality of the laser level.

  2. Peter

    After reading more of you reviews I’m looking more at the DT03cg. I looks to be a step up compared to the S03cg and P03cg. Is that a fair statement or not necessary a better laser? Which of these would be most reliable over time?

    1. Sergei Mikhailuk author

      The electronic compensator has its own undeniable advantages over simple pendulum compensators on magnetic dampers, they are all described in the overview. Laser levels with electronic compensators are considered to be more professional instruments, and usually have higher accuracy. They are also more reliable. But they are larger and take a little longer to install. The Huepar DT03CG is an excellent laser level, as are the other two models you listed. Which one you buy is up to you to decide.

  3. Lewis


    So I picked up the P03CG (liked the look of it better than the S03CG, and Huepar told me the lasers in both models were exactly the same/quality). However, when using it I noticed that my cheap BOX-1G is a lot brighter than it. Did I get a dud? Your brightness comparison has the P03CG/S04CG around exactly the same within margin of error as expected, but it doesn’t have the BOX-1G so I don’t know if this is normal.

    1. Sergei Mikhailuk author

      The Huepar BOX-1G has cylindrical prisms and the line is brighter because the concentration of the laser passing through the cylindrical prism is higher than through the cone prism. So this is a normal story and you have nothing to worry about.