Review laser level Huepar BOX-1G

Low-cost green laser level Huepar BOX-1G with good line scanning in its class. The level is of high quality, as evidenced by a solid number of passed certifications. And compliance with special directives: CE, RoHS, FC, FDA.

This company’s laser levels are sold all over the world. Including in the USA. Which really speaks to their excellent pre-sale preparation.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

appearance Huepar Box-1G

Technical characteristics

  • Accuracy: ± 2mm / 10m
  • Range without receiver: 45m (100LUX)
  • Range with receiver: 60m (radius)
  • Compensator operating range: 4° ± 1°
  • Dust and moisture protection: IP54
  • Power supply: 4хАА (LR6)
  • TILT function: yes
  • Mounting thread: 1/4″
  • Working time: ~ 4.5h all beams
  • Laser class: Class 2 (IEC / EN60825-1 / 2014), <1mV
  • Wavelength: 505-520nm
  • Working temperature: -10°C ~ + 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ + 70°C
  • Dimensions L/W/H: ~ 9.4 x 5.5 x 8.2 cm
  • Weight of the level with batteries: 329 g.
  • Minimum distance from horizontal line:
  • to the floor – 5.4 cm
  • to the ceiling – 2.8 cm

Housing laser level

Almost the entire housing of the Huepar BOX-1G laser level is covered with excellent non-slip black rubber. Here I must say that all the gaps between the parts and the rubber are perfect.

build quality laser level Huepar Box-1G

A brass bushing is carefully mounted in the base of the device. With 1/4″ internal thread for mounting on a magnetic mount (included in the delivery set). Also for mounting on a rod or tripod. Or other accessories.

There is also a non-removable battery cover at the base. Which is very tightly closed. This is undoubtedly a plus.

Fixed lid Huepar Box-1G

The battery compartment holds four AA batteries. You can also use rechargeable batteries of the same type. BUT! There are some recommendations from the manufacturer.

The battery capacity must be greater than 1500 mAh.

As you can see in the photo below. The cover has a groove around the perimeter, and there is a spike around the perimeter of the compartment.

This minimizes possible dust and moisture ingress when the battery compartment is closed. Which is quite consistent with the declared protection – IP54

Battery compartment Box-1G

If you look at the glass of the case at an angle. Then you can see that the glass has an anti-reflective coating. Which reduces the number of various artifacts in the form of small parasitic lines.

anti-reflective glass Box-1G

Disassembling the housing

Another undeniable advantage of the Huepar BOX-1G laser level is the extremely easy and convenient disassembly of the case.

It is enough to Unscrew the four screws at the base of the device. And remove the upper part of the case. After that, the level remains fully operational. And all the adjustment screws are clearly visible.

Such a convenient disassembly can not boast of a direct competitor – the laser level Firecore F112G.

Therefore. If you suddenly need to adjust the accuracy of the level. Then to execute it under the power of any conscious person.

For more information on how to configure this model, see the video at the end of the review.

Very simple adjustment of the Huepar Box-1G laser level. Since there are only two planes.

Disassembling the case Box-1G

In summary, I must say. That the build quality of the body and the interior of the level is undoubtedly at a very high level.

Compensator Huepar Box-1G

Another nice thing is the quick, almost lightning-fast installation of the compensator in the working position. Installation takes less than 2 seconds. It’s really very fast.

You can see from the technical characteristics. The range of operation of the compensator is in the corridor 4°±1°. This means that the pendulum will not automatically align. If the slope of the device body is higher than the allowed corridor.

Accordingly, it will not be possible to get the desired level with the declared accuracy of ± 0.2 mm/1m.

How do I know if the device is running smoothly?

For such cases, almost all laser levels have a special alarm system. Visual – in the form of rapidly flashing laser lines. Or sound – in the form of short beeps.

Often, both types of alarms are used simultaneously in the same level.

The HUEPAR BOX-1G laser level uses only visual signaling. So not fans of nasty squeaking sounds can be happy.

Control elements

This laser level is very easy to control. So, there is a two-position toggle switch at the bottom of the front.

Lock toggle switch Box-1G

In the “closed lock” position – the compensator is blocked for further transportation of the device. But, if you hold the button at the top for 2-3 seconds, the operation mode with the blocked compensator will turn on. For marking lines at an angle.

In this mode, you can switch planes individually with the top button.

Attention! You can’t mark up a level in this mode. This is just a straight line, the position of which you control yourself.

The second position is “open lock” – the compensator is released. Both planes light up. And are automatically set to the level with an error of ± 2 mm/10 m. See how the error is calculated correctly here.

In automatic installation mode, the button at the top switches the planes individually. And, it also activates the receiver mode if you hold it for 2-3 seconds.

A red indicator lights up above the button. And the laser lines themselves start to burn a little dimmer.

Function button Huepar BOX-1G laser level

Important. The receiver mode can only be activated when the compensator is unlocked.

Another point of contention. When the toggle switch is turned off, the planes continue to light up in the locked compensator mode. And to turn off the device completely, you need to hold down the top button for 3 seconds.

This algorithm is quite common. But, personally, it seems to me not quite convenient. Who thinks otherwise, write in the comments below.


For this affordable price, we mainly get a green laser level. With high-quality laser modules. And, the maximum possible functionality for levels with two planes.

If you compare it with the competitor Clubiona MD02G. Then again, Huepar BOX-1G cuts it clean with its build quality. The presence of the mode of operation with the receiver. And the presence of the TILT function.

As well as the ability to switch planes separately.

And yet, the competitor has only one laser emitter on both planes against two on BOX1G. In this case, it is better and cheaper to consider the Huepar 9011G model or the new Firecore F113XG laser level.

The thickness of the laser line at different distances

The green lines from Osram emitters and cylindrical prisms are thin and very bright. See for yourself in the photo below. The line thickness test showed the following results.

At 1 meter from the wall, the line thickness was about 2 millimeters.

line thickness 1m Huepar Box-1G

At a distance of 5 meters, the thickness became less than 2 millimeters.

Because of the very bright line, it is difficult to photograph the true thickness. It always looks bigger in the photo. But, in life, it is thinner.

line thickness 5m Box-1G

10 meters. The line was only 2 millimeters thick.

line thickness 10m Box-1G

Great result!

Delivery kit

The HUEPAR BOX-1G laser level is delivered in a branded cardboard box. In which the following positions are located. And so, a carrying bag, a magnetic wall mount, a magnetic laser target, and instructions in different languages.

Delivery kit laser level Huepar Box-1G

Pros and cons

Inexpensive, high quality of Assembly and materials, green bright and thin lines, tilt mode, receiver mode, switching planes separately, easy disassembly and adjustment, good line scanning, excellent pre-sale preparation, complete with high-quality magnetic mount and target.

Does not work from the electrical network

Video review of the laser level Huepar Box-1G

Crash tests BOX-1G

Continuous burning tests

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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