Menu of the SNDWAY SW-S120 laser distance meter.
Review of the SNDWAY SW-S120 laser measure with integrated video Camera
Today, it is one of the best low-cost laser measure from China with a built-in video camera and digital level.
Mileseey S2 Laser Distance Meter Review with Electronic Angle Sensor
Excellent inexpensive digital distance meter MileSeey S2 from China with built-in inclinometer.
Review laser distance meter SNDWAY SW-T40
Chinese manufacturer SNDWAY produces a large range of laser distance meter. Including digital visors
min Lomvum LV40
Review laser distance meter LOMVUM LV40
Cheap Chinese laser distance meter LOMVUM LV40. Which calculates the distance from 5 centimeters to 40

This section contains reviews of Laser Distance Meters from both popular manufacturers and not very well-known ones.

Here you will find detailed instructions for use with a description of all functions.
Some laser rangefinders have hidden functions and the ability to self-calibrate the results, and I will also tell you about them in the reviews.

I must say that the laser distance meters is a really relevant tool for any Builder today. And all because you can quickly calculate any amount of work with it. No simple roulette can be used to calculate a construction object as quickly as with a laser rangefinder.

Today, the choice of rangefinders is huge, so additional information is simply necessary. And I sincerely hope that my reviews will help you decide on your choice.

If you mainly work outdoors, it is better to choose a device with a built-in optical or digital backsight. The best approach is a rangefinder with a built-in video camera (digital backsight). The screen will show the place where you are aiming, so there will be no problems when working on the street.

If you mainly work on premises, you can take any rangefinder up to 60 meters. It is enough to cover all the measurement tasks. For more information, see the reviews of laser distance meters.