Huepar LS41G laser level
Huepar LS41G Laser Level Review
The Huepar LS41G combination green laser level is from the company’s new line of instruments.
Huepar 621CG laser level review
Professional green laser level Huepar 621CG, projecting a horizontal plane at 360 degrees, a vertical
Huepar DT03CG
Review laser level Huepar DT03CG
Huepar DT03CG is a unique electronic 3D laser level with conical prisms and stepper motors on servo drives.
Review laser level Firecore F113XG (XR)
The new compact laser level Firecore F113XG with a green beam, and with the prefix “XR”
Review 3D laser level DEKO DKLL12PB1
Another cheapest green 3D laser level DEKO DKLL12PB1 with three 360° planes, starting at $ 60.
Review of the laser level 4D Zokoun IE16R (also Clubiona IE16R)
Zokoun IE16R – projects 16 laser lines as indicated by the manufacturer, but it is more accurate
HILDA 3D 12 Lines LS055
HILDA 3D 12 Lines model LS055 Green Laser Level Review
The cheapest 3D laser level with cone prisms – HILDA 3D LS055 Green projecting 12 lines, or rather
Hilda 4D 16 lines Green
HILDA 4D 16 Lines Green laser level review
The cheapest green laser level HILDA 4D 16 Lines with an optical scheme of 4×360º. The device projects
Huepar S04CG
Review laser level Huepar S04CG
New, unique in its kind 4D laser level Huepar S04CG with optical scheme 2H/2V/plummet. Today, you will
mini GLL3-330C
Review laser level Bosch GLL3-330C
In this review, we will talk about an updated version of the professional laser level of the “GLL3-330″

This section presents tests and reviews of laser levels from different manufacturers. The list of reviews of laser levels is above. You can choose the manufacturer and model of the device you are interested in to find out almost everything. And to weigh all the pros and cons before buying.

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Time does not stand still, everything is changing, and the tool market is also developing. So ordinary bubble construction levels have replaced self-leveling laser levels. Therefore every day more and more professional builders and home craftsmen want to have such a device in their tool Arsenal.

But often the question arises, which manufacturer and which model to choose.

The choice today is actually not easy, because there are a lot of manufacturers of laser levels. And of course, do not forget about the huge Chinese market for laser devices at very favorable prices.

Without help, it is almost impossible to understand all this set of devices, therefore I decided to help You and wrote detailed reviews.

If we talk about the latest trend, the development is going in the direction of increasing the number of planes. If not so long ago, the maximum functionality was in 3D laser levels. (Which have two vertical planes of 360 and one horizontal 360 degrees). Now there are 4D levels that project 2 verticals of 360 and 2 horizons of 360 degrees.