Review laser level FIRECORE F504T-XG

Professional, perfectly assembled 4D laser level FIRECORE F504T-XG with quality Osram laser modules.

The level projects four 360 degree planes: 2 vertical and 2 horizontal. As well as laser plummet, which is formed at the intersection of verticals at the top and bottom.

Firecore F504T-XG laser level is equipped with a module for remote control and quick battery replacement which, unfortunately, is the only one included.

The device has passed several certifications: FC, RoHS, CE. So, everything in order, all the pros and cons, let’s consider in the review.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

4D laser level FIRECORE F504T-XG

If we talk about similar, not less qualitative competitors, from the side of a complete set, there are two models that are most suitable: Huepar 904DG or Fukuda MW-94D-4GX. Although about the latter, Firecore has their own identical laser level Firecore F304T-XG.

Technical Specifications

  • Projection error: ± 3mm/10m (± 1.9 in. at 33ft)

  • Range without receiver: 23m (*depends on light level)

  • With Receiver: 100 m (diameter)

  • Compensator range: ± 3°

  • Pendulum setting time: ≤ 3.5 seconds

  • TILT function: yes

  • Laser class and wavelength: II, 515-520nm LD <1mW

  • Water and dust protection: IP54

  • Power supply: Li-ion 5200mAh 3.7V, AC

  • Charging port: USB Type-C, 5V=1A

  • Battery life: About 6 hours (incl. all lines)

  • Thread for mounting: 1/4″

  • Operating temperature: -5°C…+45°C

  • Storage temperature: -20°C … +60°C

  • Weight of the device with battery: 798 g.

  • Dimensions with towers L/W/H: 14.5x9x15 cm

  • Min. distance from the bottom horizon:
    to floor 1.8 cm / to ceiling 13.2 cm

  • Min. distance from the upper horizon:
    to floor 13.6cm / to ceiling 1.4cm

  • Distance between horizontal lines: 11.9 cm

  • Vertical to wall for parallel installation: 1.2 cm


The Firecore F504T-XG laser level is assembled quite well, the housing is made of thick quality plastic, which at the same time is almost all covered with no less thick rubber.

All joints of the main parts are fitted with great accuracy, and if you don’t take into account the lower supporting “foot”, the housing seems to be monolithic.

Build quality of the Firecore F504T-XG laser level housing.

The protective towers of the laser modules are made of metal, and are mounted on four bolts through two rubber gaskets: on top and bottom of the glass, which provides good protection against dust and moisture inside the laser level body.

The rubber gaskets are not as powerful as, for example, the Huepar S04CG-L laser level, but again, it does not have the remote control that the Firecore F504T-XG does.

The structure of the protective tower of the Firecore F504T-XG laser level.


The Firecore F504T-XG laser level has an external battery with a quick-release battery. It should be noted its clear fixation and handy four-step blue discharge indicator.

Four-step discharge indicator on Firecore F504T-XG laser level batteries.

On top, under the rubber cover, there is a Type-C port for charging. Thus, the battery can be recharged both during operation and separately.

The charging port on the battery.

But there are definitely disadvantages. And they lie in the fact that the battery in the kit is one, and you can not buy a second separately. Plus, the battery is indestructible, which means that it will be problematic to change the cells inside when you need it.

The battery is already on sale. It can be purchased separately from an official seller.

The form factor of the battery is also original, and to replace it with some analogue is also not possible. In general, a second battery is necessary as air.

The battery itself is made very well, the sides are covered with black ribbed rubber.

Battery from the Firecore F504T-XG laser level

Laser modules

The Firecore F504T-XG laser level is equipped with quality Osram laser modules. The projected line from these modules is thin with good sharp edges, but their brightness is average. For brightness and thickness data, see the respective sections of this review.

Laser modules in Firecore F504T-XG

The lower support “foot” is made of plastic. There are two rubber heels in the foot to keep excessive slipping on slippery surfaces such as laminate, porcelain tile, etc.

Also, these rubber heels are easy to reach to get to the other two bolts holding the main body halves together. Which, by the way, is very easy to disassemble if necessary.

And then there is a brass bushing with 1/4″ thread for attaching the instrument to various accessories and tripods in the base.

Thread for attaching the laser level to the tripod.


A standard mechanical compensator on magnetic dampers with an operating range of ± 3° in all directions is installed here. Thus, if the housing is tilted up to 3°, the pendulum will be able to set itself to the desired working position unhindered.

If this angle is exceeded, the lines will automatically start flashing rapidly. To disable this visual alarm for out of compensation, you must place the instrument on a flatter surface. There is no duplicate audible signal for tilting.

As for the speed of setting the compensator, here it is about 3.5 seconds – quite a good result.

Unlike most Huepar laser levels, the Firecore F504T-XG has plastic compensator supports instead of metal ones.

Compensator mounted on plastic supports on the Firecore F504T-XG laser level.

Controlling the Firecore F504T-XG Laser Level

All control comes down to a locking toggle switch on the side of the device, and two rubberized buttons on top. But there is also a remote control in the kit, which somewhat expands the capabilities of this model. Let’s look at it in order.

The two-position toggle switch is responsible for locking the pendulum, which is required when transporting the instrument, and for turning on (unlocking) the laser level with putting it into automatic leveling mode.

When switched on, the lower horizontal plane lights up immediately.

The Firecore F504T-XG laser level has a two-position toggle switch.

Further control is done using the two buttons at the top or the remote control.

Switching with buttons

Buttons for switching planes and modes.

The “laser” button is responsible for switching the planes individually. The switching algorithm is as follows. Yes, as you remember the lower horizon is already on. So:

  • 1st press – horizon off, front vertical lights up. One vertical plane lights up.
  • 2nd press – the second vertical is added, only two verticals are lit.
  • 3rd press – both verticals and lower horizon are on.
  • 4th press – two verticals and upper horizon are on.
  • Fifth press – all four planes are on. And so on in a circle.

Also the “laser” button, when pressed for about 3 seconds, activates the tilt mode (TILT function). This mode is activated when the compensator is blocked for marking tilted lines.

It is not possible to make a marking of this or that level in this mode. The function is used for marking at any arbitrary slope.

In this mode, the laser lines will flash once every 5 seconds. This is a kind of reminder to the operator that he is in manual mode.

A second “arrow button” puts the Firecore F504T-XG laser level in a special pulsing mode to work in conjunction with the laser beam receiver (sold separately).

When it is pressed, it blinks three times and the line gets a little dimmer. This mode is for use outdoors in clear weather when you cannot see the line visually.

The range of operation with such a receiver is 100 meters in diameter, you must agree that the distance is quite large.

The receiver can be used in both Auto Alignment and Manual (TILT) modes.

Control with the remote control

As you have understood from the above, the algorithm for switching planes controlled by the buttons is not so convenient. For example, you can not select only the upper horizon, in addition, two more verticals will be lit.

You should agree that this is not useful for any ceiling – extra planes means faster battery discharge and more beams hitting you in the eyes.

This is where the remote control comes in handy.

The remote control for the Firecore F504T-XG laser level.

It can already be used to select any combination of included planes without restrictions.

The triangle buttons are used to switch the vertical planes separately.

The padlock button switches the Firecore F504T-XG laser level to the receiver mode.

And the square button toggles the horizons individually.

From the keyboard on the device you can not disable all the planes, but from the remote control you can. This can be useful if you need to stop for a “break” and then from the same place just turn on the necessary planes. But on the other hand, you can switch off all the planes with the remote control and put the device in the bag with unlocked compensator, which is better not to allow. In general it is necessary to be more attentive.

Comparison table with the competitor

Technical DataFirecore F504T-XGHUEPAR LS04CG
Accuracy, mm/m± 0.3 mm/m± 0.3 mm/m
Compensator range, °± 3°3° ± 1°
Range without / with receiver23/50m (R)
75/163ft (R)
30/60m (R)
98/197ft (R)
Control panelanaloganalog
Dust and moisture protectionIP54IP54
Tilt functionyesyes
Work with the detectoryesyes
Remote controlyesno
Power operationyesyes
Battery3.7V 5200mAh 1pcs.3.7V 5200mAh 2pcs.
Auto power offnoyes
The working temperature-5°C to +45°C-10°C to +50°C
*-is a conditional indicator that depends directly on the degree of illumination, both indoors and outdoors.

Laser line thickness at different distances

In this test, the Firecore F504T-XG laser level performed at its best. The lines are thin at all distances.

At one meter the thickness was just over a millimeter, at 5 meters without much change, and at 10 meters not more than 2,5 millimeters. This is really an excellent indicator.

Laser line thickness at 1, 5 and 10 meters on the Firecore F504T-XG laser level.

Measuring laser line brightness

I must say that this model is not the brightest, see the comparison table for the brightness of laser levels. But at least it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

So, the results are as follows:

  • at 5 meters the bright side – 23,1 LUX
  • 5 meters dim side – 4.3 LUX
  • 10 meters distance bright side – 10.9 LUX
  • and 10 meters the dim side – 1.6 LUX

Accuracy check

But the Firecore F504T-XG was a delight. Checking showed that the accuracy is several times higher than the claimed, and in fact is ± 0.05mm/m. (how the error is counted)

Results of the Firecore F504T-XG laser level accuracy test.

All verticals were checked by the plumb line, no unacceptable deviations were found.

Calibrating the Firecore F504T-XG laser level

The adjustment of this model is quite simple, as are many other similar devices.

Adjustment of the 4D laser level starts with the lower horizon, which in turn is adjusted by the system bolts on the pendulum, which are responsible for its installation position.

The cross bolt is a brass cylinder with a rod inside.

Transverse pendulum adjustment.

The entire cylinder is held by a small bolt, by pushing it back you can move the entire cylinder, thereby greatly changing the center of gravity of the pendulum. This is why it is used to eliminate large deviations.

To remove a small deviation, it is sufficient to screw in or unscrew an additional rod inside the cylinder to a certain length. In other words, it is used for fine adjustment.

The longitudinal alignment bolt for correcting the position of the pendulum in the other axis is here in the form of a large hexagonal bolt.

Calibrate the longitudinal position of the Firecore F504T-XG laser level.

Moving it back and forth will also change the position of the pendulum during installation and consequently the position of the entire horizontal plane.

After calibrating the lower horizon, recheck all the remaining planes for accuracy. If any of them fall out of the stated accuracy specifications, the laser module showing incorrectly should be adjusted separately.

Calibration is done with the four screws that all laser modules have except the lower horizon.

Bolts to adjust the position of the laser module.

Package Contents

The Firecore F504T-XG laser level is shipped in a cloth bag with polyurethane foam cells inside. This padded case holds:

  1. device
  2. 3.7V 5200mAh battery
  3. battery charger
  4. mechanical lifting platform
  5. magnetic mount with microlift
  6. adapter (clamp)
  7. remote control
  8. magnetic target
  9. metal plate
  10. English manual
The Firecore F504T-XG laser level package is included.

Pros and cons

High accuracy, quality materials and housing assembly, 4 planes at 360°, laser plummet, receiver mode, TILT function, mains operation, remote control, good laser modules, fine lines, metal protective towers, easy housing calibration and disassembly, rubber gaskets on top and bottom of glass, magnetic mount with microlift included.

No audible alarm, tight buttons, non-disassembled battery.

Video review of the Firecore F504T-XG laser level

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