Review laser level Firecore FIR411G

Professional laser level with green rays FIRECORE FIR411G, which has collected all the necessary functionality for daily productive work.

Excellent optical scheme: 4 verticals, 1 horizon, a full plumb line and a rotary base make the use of this model very convenient for solving any marking tasks.

There is the same cheaper model with a red beam. You can also buy a set with a special receiver for working on the street.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

laser level Firecore FIR411G

Technical parameters

  • Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm at 1 m
  • Rays color: green
  • Range without receiver: 30 m * (depending on the degree of illumination)
  • Range with receiver: 50 m
  • Compensator working range: ± 3 °
  • Dust and moisture protection: IP54
  • Laser class and wavelength: II, 515 – 535 nm
  • Power supply: Li-ion battery, 1750 mAh, 7.4V, 12.9Wh
  • Working temperature: -10 ° ~ + 45 °
  • Dimensions: height 19.6 cm / width 10 cm
  • Weight: ~ 0.9 kg
  • Minimum distance from horizon:
  • to the floor – 12.7 cm
  • to the ceiling – 6.9 cm
  • Min. distance to the wall at || installation: 5 cm

Housing laser level Firecore FIR411G

Traditionally, let’s start with the build quality of the case. It is always at the highest level. A combination of thick ABS plastic, high-quality rubber, metal. Their perfect pairing causes only positive emotions.

body laser level Firecore FIR411G

The legs have rubber pads. They are just incredibly convenient when installed on slippery surfaces, such as laminate or floor tiles. At the first turn around its axis on these surfaces, you will understand and appreciate the beauty of these overlays.

rubber tips FIR411G

The accumulator in this version is mounted very practical, on a powerful pressure screw. The battery can be charged during operation.

This model can’t work on simple batteries. This is a minus.

battery FIR411G


The tilt range at which the level will automatically level is within ± 3 °. With a greater slope, the lines will flash quickly. This is a visual alarm. Which is immediately activated if the compensator can not align itself.

I did not like the rather long installation of the pendulum after turning on or pushing the device. The installation speed is from 4 to 7 seconds, depending on the force of the push. This is not very critical, but I would like to be faster in the region of 2-4 seconds.

The compensator itself is mounted on a metal frame and has a good build quality. Thanks to the additional frame, the level is convenient to adjust. Since there is open access to all alignment screws. And after any manipulations, you can immediately check the result without re-assembling the device.

compensator device FIR411G

Control Firecore FIR411G

Simple, we can say primitive control of the device is provided by a two-position toggle switch on the side and three buttons on top of the level.

By switching the toggle switch to the “ON” position, the horizontal plane will light up and the pendulum will open. Which will immediately start automatically setting the level within ± 3°.

Toggle switch in the “OFF LOCK” position-blocks the compensator pendulum. For further transportation or for levelling in the mode of the blocked compensator.

There is a TILT mode for working at an angle.

toggle switch on 411G

To activate this highly specialized tilt marking mode (with the pendulum locked). Just press the “H” or “V” button, depending on which and how many planes you want to activate in the non-auto-leveling mode.

It should be noted that the function of working with the receiver is also available in this mode.

In addition to the “H” and “V” buttons, there is an “OUTDOOR” button on the upper control panel. To enable the receiver function. As well as a bubble level with backlight for quick pre-installation. And the corresponding led lights next to each button.

Control panel laser level Firecore FIR411G

The plane control buttons are separated. Therefore, the planes can be included separately independently of each other.

The “H” button activates and deactivates only the horizon. The “V” button switches the verticals separately, but in pairs. In other words, the first time you click it, the front and back verticals turn on. Thus forming a plane of almost 360°.

The second click on the “B” button includes two side verticals on the left and right. This creates a cross on the ceiling. Where the intersection point of the planes is the point of the plumb line up.

The plumb-down point lights up only when the vertical is enabled. with only one working horizon, the point of the plumb line down is not lit.

The intersection of the verticals 411G
Plumb point down 411G


As you can see from the review, the FIRECORE FIR411G laser level has almost all the functional features. With the exception of the horizon of 360°. But this fact is easily compensated by the presence of a smooth turning limb with a micrometer screw.

That is, put the device, scroll around its axis. And recapture the horizon around the perimeter will not be difficult.

micrometer screw FIR411G

Of course, the model With Huepar 603CG cone prisms will be somewhat more interesting in this sense. But the price is higher.

Again, work from the network and the ability to work under any arbitrary slope. Makes this model more interesting in comparison with similar models (in the form of a barrel) from other manufacturers.

The thickness of the laser line at different distances

In this test, the Firecore FIR411G laser level showed excellent results. Both the thickness and brightness of the lines.

So at 5 meters the thickness was only 1 mm!

line thickness by 5m 411G

At 15 meters, the brightness of the line remained at the proper level. And the thickness has increased to only 3 mm. This is a very cool result.

line thickness by 15m 411G

The possibility of mounting on different tripods

There is nothing extraordinary here is not provided. The same 5/8-inch thread at the base of the device. As with all similar laser levels in the form of a “barrel”.

5/8 inch thread FIR411G

Delivery set

Firecore FIR 411 GREEN is available in two versions:

  1. Basic kit: the device itself, carrying bag, battery, charger, plastic target, instructions in English.
  2. Advanced kit: Everything in the basic + receiver. I must say a very profitable set.
set with receiver FIR411G

Pros and cons

Excellent price for both sets, four verticals, full plumb line, high-quality Assembly, very bright and thin green laser lines, smooth rotating base, micro-screw and feet with rubber pads, comfortable rubber heels, network operation, receiver mode, TILT function, separate switching of planes, bubble level with backlight.

there are no degrees on the rotary limb, there is no possibility to work on simple batteries.

Video review of this model

Checking the accuracy of Firecore FIR 411G

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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