Review of the rotary laser level FIRECORE FRE207R

Fully automatic rotary laser level FIRECORE FRE207R. It is mainly used for marking open construction sites up to 500 meters. And also in large rooms.

Automatic alignment by servomotors occurs in both horizontal and vertical planes. Plus, the level has a full plumb line.

This is the ideal solution for large objects. And what is very important is the most affordable to date among such rotary levels.

Where to buy a laser level profitably and reliably?

The device is equipped with a large number of functions and additional peripheral equipment. Well, about everything in order.

Attention! This model is no longer sold today. Whether it will be sold in the future is also unknown. Therefore, I recommend that you also consider a high-quality and inexpensive fully automatic rotary laser level Huepar RL200HVG. Plus, it comes with a powerful wall mount.

Rotary laser level Firecore FRE207R


  • Horizontal Accuracy: ± 2.4 mm at 30 meters
  • Vertical Accuracy: ± 3 mm at 30 meters (± 1/8″ at 100Ft)
  • Working distance: 40 meters in point mode
  • Working distance with receiver: 500 meters (in diameter)
  • Leveling range: ± 5°
  • Setting the slope of 5° or 8% along the “X” or “Y” axis: yes
  • Disable self-leveling: yes
  • “Anti-shock” function: yes
  • Rotation speed: 0/60/120/300/600 rpm
  • Scan mode: 0 /10° / 45° / 90° / 180°
  • Laser wavelength and class: 635 nm <1mw, Class 2
  • Remote control working distance: 20m street / 30m room
  • Waterproof and dustproof: IP55
  • Auto leveling time: 15 sec
  • Working temperature: -5°C to 45°C
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to 70°C
  • Kit weight: 4.6 kg
  • Dimensions of the device (L|W|H) – 41 cm / 22 cm / 33 cm
  • Case dimensions (L|W|H) – 41 cm / 22 cm / 33 cm

Instrument housing

Build quality laser level Firecore FRE207R

The high quality of the housing is typical for all measuring devices of this company. And this rotary level FIRECORE FRE207R is no exception.

High-quality ABS plastic is covered with soft-touch rubber. The handle for carrying the level is also all covered with rubber.

Build quality FRE207R

The rotating head is protected by thick glass with a special anti-reflective coating. Which, when tilted, will cast a lilac-bluish color.

The rotating head laser level

Only one side of the housing is used for working with the vertical plane. There are three reference points on it: one in the form of a metal cone, and the other two in the form of rubber supports.

Three support points for working with the vertical

A brass bushing with 5/8” female thread is integrated in the bottom of the housing. Designed for mounting the device on a geodetic tripod with the same thread of the mounting screw.

There is also a socket for charging the battery under the rubber valve.

Thread for mounting Firecore FRE207R

Battery compartment

A battery compartment is also located at the base of the laser level. But at first glance, it is not immediately clear how it opens.

To open the compartment you need to Unscrew the slotted nut. Which is already screwed on the outer thread of the same brass sleeve.

After that, you can remove the entire box with four series-connected Nickel-metal hydride batteries of 4000 mAh 1.2 V each.

Which, by the way, can be replaced if necessary.

Unlike cadmium batteries – metal hydride batteries work well at low temperatures and have a low “memory effect” of charging cycles.

Batteries laser level Firecore FRE207R

It should be noted that the battery compartment of the laser rotary level FIRECORE FRE207R is closed very tightly. And most importantly, it has rubber gaskets, both along the main square contour, and along the small round contour around the brass sleeve.

This is a prerequisite for compliance with the IP55 code according to the international classification of protection of technical devices.

To work directly from the household electrical network, a separate socket is provided under the control panel. Which is also protected by a rubber valve.

Charging connector

Control panel

The FIRECORE FRE207R rotary laser level is equipped with a rather impressive control panel. Which has 11 buttons. With the help of which you can not only control the device. But it is also possible to make adjustment of accuracy of a level by yourself. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

control panel laser level Firecore FRE207R

Function buttons

Button 1. Enable / disable leveling. There is also a battery discharge indicator. A blinking indicator indicates the need for charging.

Button 2. Disabling auto-leveling. Switching on is also highlighted by the corresponding indicator. In this mode, you can mark up at any arbitrary angle.

Button 3. Activates the “Antishock” function, that is, after razgorizontirovaniya – automatic alignment does not occur. By default, after a push or short-term vibration, the level is automatically set again. For more information about this feature, see the review of the Firecore F94T-XG laser level.

Button 4. is Responsible for the sequential selection of the speed of rotation of the laser head: 0-point mode, 60, 120, 300 and 600 revolutions per minute. It is possible to select the rotation speed both in the auto-leveling mode and in the manual mode.

Button 5. The scanning function. Allows you to select a specific angle of rotation of the laser head: 0 (point), 10°, 45°, 90° and 180°. Thus, the corresponding laser segments are obtained in proportion to the angle of rotation in the projection.

Using the buttons 6 and 7, you can move a point or segments in a circle to the left or right. Thus, as if conducting a scan of the marked-up area.

In addition, this function makes a more concentrated beam (signal) for the receiver. This allows you to work more confidently over long distances on the street up to 250 meters in one direction.

For example. If you choose the angle of rotation of the laser head 45 degrees. Then it will quickly spin back and forth in this range. And if you mentally imagine a distance of 250 meters, then at this angle of turn, a fairly large sector will be covered.

Button 6 and 7. Move the point or selected segments in a circle to the right or left.

The arrow buttons

Buttons 8, 9, 10, 11. in the automatic alignment mode on the “X” or “Y” axis, these buttons set the slope of the plane. A maximum of 5° or 8%.

For example, it is used to create a profile at the roadbed, when laying various waste utilities or in any other work where you need to set a certain slope along the axes.

Also, these buttons are involved in adjusting the accuracy of the level. (For more information about adjusting, see below)

Receiver and remote control

Working with the FIRECORE FRE207R rotary laser level on the street, and even at such distances, certainly implies tandem work with the laser beam receiver.

The receiver included in the kit has two liquid crystal displays on the front and back sides.

When you turn on the receiver, three icons will appear on the screen: battery power, sound on or off. And the icon of the selected laser beam detection accuracy.

Receiver laser level Firecore FRE207R

Buttons and symbols of the receiver

  1. turning the receiver on / off;
  2. turn on / off the sound when a laser line is detected;
  3. Selection of the accuracy of determining the position of the laser beam. Two options: with an accuracy of 1 mm or 2.5 mm. With reduced accuracy, it is easier to determine the position of the beam at a long distance. As well as with frequent vibrations in the area of the level installation.

In the immediate vicinity of the line, auxiliary arrows will be displayed on the receiver screen, indicating the true position of the laser line.

The arrow pointing down indicates that the receiver should be lowered lower. Up arrow on the contrary to raise.

The arrows on the screen of the receiver

Also, approaching the center of the line indicates an accelerating intermittent beep. When the line is in the center, the signal becomes constant.

And on the screen, depending on the set reception accuracy, the corresponding icons are displayed: the accuracy of 1mm is one line, the accuracy of 2.5 mm is three lines.

Accuracy display on the receiver

Mount the laser level Firecore FRE207R receiver

I also want to note the convenient mounting of the receiver on the leveling rail. Thanks to which it is very convenient to take readings from the leveling rail.

The large clamping “SCREW” with a smooth stroke. And the spatial bubble level on the bracket also add convenience when working.

By the way, the receiver has an automatic shutdown after 10 minutes, if you do not use it.

Mounting the receiver on the rail

Remote control

In addition to the laser radiation detector, another electronic device is included – a remote control.

The infrared remote control is powered by two AAA batteries. Its range is about 30 meters indoors and about 20 meters outdoors.

The remote control has 9 buttons that completely duplicate the buttons on the body of the level. Only two are missing: the on/off button of the device and the button of the “Antishock” function.

Remote controller level Firecore FRE207R

Functionality Firecore FRE207R

Immediately it is worth saying that the rotary level FIRECORE FRE207R is fully automatic. This is an undoubted advantage over rotary levels with manual adjustment and semi-automatic rotary levels, where the horizon is set automatically, and the vertical is manually adjusted according to the built in bubble level.

Fortunately, such levels are becoming rarer and rarer.

The main difference between professional rotary levelers is the ability to mark huge distances on open objects. There are models with a range of up to 1500 meters, which are used mainly by railway workers.

FIRECORE FRE207R is able to mark 500 meters with an accuracy of ± 2.4 mm by 30 meters, that is ± 0.8 mm by 1 meter, you will agree that this is very good.

In addition to the circular marking, this model is equipped with a full-fledged laser plumb line, which makes installing the device at the desired point very simple and convenient.

The ability to set any arbitrary angle or vice versa controlled angle in the value of 5° or 8%.

Controlled movement of a point or segments in a circle using the remote control or directly from the control panel on the device body.


As a rule, in such levels, an electronic compensator is installed on servos with a range of operation in this example ± 5° in all directions.

The compensator is installed with the help of built-in inclinometers (tilt sensors). Therefore, the installation takes a little longer than that of a pendulum compensator – about 15 seconds. But much more accurately.

When tilted, the laser starts flashing and automatically starts leveling up again.

Automatic installation can be disabled by clicking the “Antishock” button. Thus, after any push or vibration, the level will stop working. And you can turn it on only from the control panel, that is, by going directly to the device.

Excellent function when performing precise work.

Checking for accuracy

It is quite simple to check the accuracy of the rotary level. The only thing you need is a long distance to check – 50 meters.

In the upper part of the housing there is a marking of the axes.

Firecore FRE207R
  1. Install the device at a distance of 50 (m) from the wall or level rail the “X” axis and make a mark.
  2. Turn the device 180° and also make a mark.
  3. Repeat the same for the Y-axis. The difference in marks at this distance should not exceed 8 cm.

How to adjust the laser level

The Firecore FRE207R rotary laser level provides self-adjusting accuracy. In fact, this is the setting of inclinometers along the corresponding X and Y axes.

The whole process is not complicated. Therefore, do not despair if suddenly a device comes to you with a greater error than stated.

Algorithm of adjustment on the “X” axis

  1. turning on the laser level
  2. simultaneously hold down two buttons – “up arrow” and “down arrow”. Until the diode at the “auto-align off” button starts blinking (see photo below)
Algorithm of adjustment on the "X" axis
  1. Adjust the position of the beam with the buttons – “right” / “left”. To raise the beam, click “left”, to lower it- “right”. A single short press corrects the beam by about 0.5 mm at a distance of 50 meters.

After adjusting the beam, its new position must be saved! To do this, press the buttons (“up” / “down”) simultaneously again until the diode stops flashing.

Algorithm of adjustment along the “Y” axis

Here on the contrary. To switch to the setup mode, simultaneously press the “right” / “left” buttons. Until the diode at the “antishock” button starts flashing. And the adjustment is made using the “up” / “down” buttons.

To record the result, also hold down the arrow buttons “right” / “left”, until the flashing of the diode stops.

Algorithm of adjustment along the "Y" axis

Contents of delivery

The FRE207R model is delivered in a high-quality transport case. In which, in the corresponding cells, there are: a level with an inserted battery pack, a receiver with a rail mount, a remote control, laser glasses, a magnetic target, a charger (which is also an adapter for mains operation) and instructions in English.

Contents of delivery Firecore FRE207R

Pros and cons

PRICE! – this is the most inexpensive among fully automatic rotary levelers, operating range of 250 meters in radius and 500 in diameter, high build quality, high accuracy, there is a manual mode, the ability to set a slope of up to 8% or 5°, a large selection of rotation speeds, variable scanning mode, a full-fledged laser plumb line, Anti-shock function, remote control of various functions, LCD receiver included.

it is not possible to turn on or off the device from the remote control.

Video review of Firecore FRE207R

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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