Review laser distance meter SNDWAY SW-T40

Chinese manufacturer SNDWAY produces a large range of laser distance meter. Including digital visors and a built-in video camera for comfortable work on the street.

In addition to building laser tape measures, this company produces excellent monocular laser rangefinders for hunting. With a maximum distance of up to 1500 meters.

Today we will look at the youngest and most inexpensive model – laser distance meter Sndway SW-T40.

It should be noted that a similar device from a more well-known brand will cost at least 2 times more expensive.

Where to buy laser measure profitably and reliably?

appearance Sndway SW-T40

Technical parameters

  • Accuracy: +/- 2mm
  • Measurement range: 40m
  • Measurement unit: m / ft / inch
  • Laser class: II
  • Wavelength: 635nm, <1mW
  • Automatic shutdown: yes
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA
  • Number of measurements per battery set: 8000
  • Working temperature: 0°C …+ 40°C
  • Weight and size: 110 gr / 112*50*25 mm
  • Addition / Subtraction: Yes
  • Area / volume / indirect calculations according to Pythagoras: yes
  • Minimum / maximum function: yes
  • Memory for the last measurements: yes
  • Countdown: front / rear
  • Calibration: yes

The housing Sndway SW-T40

There’s no point in talking about design. Since it is quite famous. And most likely, many builders saw it live.

It is worth noting the professional build quality of the case. All details are carefully checked and paired. There are no gaps or other defects.

Case Sndway SW-T40

The battery compartment is located on the back of the device. Designed for two AAA batteries. Which is clearly closed with a plastic lid.

battery compartment SW-T40
cap SW-T40

According to the European classifier, the SNDWAY SW-T40 laser distance meter Assembly meets the IP54 dust and moisture protection index.

Therefore, the device is quite well protected.

If you are interested in an inexpensive laser distance meter with higher protection, I recommend considering the Mileseey S2 model.

The keyboard consists of 7 buttons. Which are located at a fairly large distance from each other. Therefore, it will also be convenient to work with gloves.

The buttons are pressed clearly with a characteristic click. Which helps you understand that the click is done to the end. However, the material from which the buttons themselves are made seemed soft to me.

It is likely that with daily use in a year, the buttons will be worn out or sold. This is of course a minus. In my opinion, the also cheap LOMVUM LV40 laser distance meter has better buttons.

keyboard Sndway SW-T40 rangefinder

The pluses include the presence of a bubble level with a smooth bubble movement. At first glance, a trifle. But when using certain indirect calculations, you can’t do without it.

Bubble level SW-T40

The SNDWAY SW-T40 laser distance meter has a very compact body. Which fits perfectly in your hand.

SW-T40 dimensions: length – 112mm, width – 50mm, thickness – 25mm.

Functionality – instructions for each button

Let’s start with the fact that this model makes measurements very quickly. Without suspension or other brakes.

Let’s find out which button is responsible for what.

SNDWAY SW-T40 laser rangefinder buttons

Red button “READ”

First of all, it is responsible for turning on the laser distance meter. Its second purpose is to activate the min/max function. Or it is also called “scan mode”. Allows you to calculate the minimum and maximum distance.

For example. You need to calculate the shortest distance to the wall (perpendicular). Turn on this function and start scanning the conditional section, which obviously includes the shortest distance.

The Laser distance meter makes constant measurements.

After making a few movements of the laser point on the wall up and down, click on the same red measurement button.

Three dimensions will immediately appear on the four-line display. Upper – maximum distance. In the middle – minimal. And in the final bottom line, the measurement is made.

Buttons (+) and (-)

They are responsible for addition and subtraction, respectively. You can subtract and add not only distances, but also areas and volumes.

For an example. You have measured the volume using the volume calculation function. Then we clicked on the “+” button and measured a different volume. Then you must click on the red button.

After that, the total amount of two volumes in cubic meters is displayed in the final line.

addition of volumes SW-T40

All the same is done with a minus.

Button with a drawn cube

The main functionality of the Sndway SW-T40 laser distance meter is tied to this button. A total of five functions. Two of which are area and volume calculations. And three indirect calculation functions.

Each function is selected by pressing this button one at a time until an interactive image appears. Which shows which measurement should be made first. The corresponding line will flash on the display.

Let’s take a closer look at each click.

First press

The function for calculating the area in square meters is activated. There is an icon of a rectangle with side flashing.

laser rangefinder Sndway SW-T40

Second press

Switches the laser distance meter to the volume measurement mode in cubic meters. With the appearance of the cube icon also with a flashing hint.

calculating the volume Sndway SW-T40

Third click

Activates the indirect calculation of the inaccessible height according to the Pythagorean theorem. Measurement is done from one point. First, the hypotenuse of the imaginary triangle is measured, then the lower leg. The second leg is calculated automatically.

The measurement is also accompanied by prompts in what sequence to take the measurement.

distance meter Sndway SW-T40

Fourth click

The calculation of the unavailable segment. This feature is found mainly in expensive models. But the Sndway SW-T40 laser distance meter also has it.

The measurement is made with three measurements. Their sequence is also highlighted, so it will be easy to understand.

It is during the last of the three measurements that the bubble level on the case will be very useful. Since the accuracy of this measurement largely depends on how perpendicular the last measurement will be made.

Calculating a segment Sndway SW-T40

Fifth press

Second calculation of the inaccessible height. This function is similar to the third, only the measurement is made in three measurements, not two. In this function, the built-in level is also useful for horizontal midpoint measurement.

indirect calculation SW-T40

Button with a floppy disk

Everything is simple here – it is a call of the last measurements from the internal memory.

Button with the letter (U)

This button changes the reference point. From the upper or lower edge of the Laser distance meter. When switching, the corresponding icon will appear on the screen.

Also, when you hold this button, the units of measurement will change: meters, feet, inches.

Starting point SW-T40
Starting point SW-T40 (2)

Button – OFF/CLEAR

When pressed briefly, it clears the screen of recent measurements. When held – turns off the Laser distance meter.

How to make a calibration

To calibrate the Laser distance meter, you need to perform some actions. Namely, turn off the device, then hold down the “OFF/CLEAR” key. And in this position, briefly press the “READ”button. After that, “CAL” will appear on the rangefinder screen with the value zero.

Use the (+) and (-) buttons to set the correction – a numeric value. Which should be subtracted or added during measurements.

Laser distance meter errors

Error codeCauseTroubleshooting method
Err1Reflection signal too weakMeasure on a stronger reflective surface
Err2Reflective signal too strongMeasure on a target with a lower reflectivity
Err3Low batteryReplace batteries
Err4Exceeding the operating temperature rangeTake measurements at the appropriate temperature
Err5Incorrect measurement or error in the Pythagorean equationsTake the measurement again. Or make sure that the hypotenuse is longer than the second known side of the triangle.
Err6Memory errorContact the service center

Delivery set of laser distance meter SNDWAY SW-T40

The laser distance meter is supplied with a bag, a hand strap, and instructions in English.

Delivery set of laser rangefinder SNDWAY SW-T40

Pros and cons

Cheap, functional, has a built-in bubble level, high speed measurements, compact, four-line display.

Soft key material, no flip-up heel for measuring from corners and crevices, no thread for mounting on a tripod.

Video review of this model

Video check for accuracy

Sergei Mikhailuk

For seven years I was engaged in various interior decoration and construction of country houses. Then I opened a shop selling laser and geodetic instruments. For nine years I have been selling and making alignment of laser levels, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in this area. Now I am writing and shooting detailed reviews of the laser instrument. For more details, see the page about me.

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