The 5 Best 4D Laser Levels of 2021

Quick comparison and selection of the best 4D laser levels

Quick Overview: The 5 Best 4D laser level
laser level Huepar S04CG Professional choice!
Huepar S04CG laser level
– Bluetooth
– LCD screen with tilt angle display
– 3 power options
– Remote control
– Metal protective towers
– Bright green lines
– Outdoor mode
– TILT mode
– Metal frame inside
appearance Fukuda MW-94D-4GXGreat choice!
FUKUDA MW-94D-4GX laser level
– Small distance to the floor 9 mm
– Metal protective towers
– Remote control
– Bright green lines
– Outdoor mode
– TILT mode
– 1 power options
appearance Huepar 904DGGood choice!
Huepar 904DG laser level
– Remote control
– Bright green lines
– Outdoor mode
– TILT mode
– 2 power options
– Metal frame inside
Appearance of the Zokoun IE16R 4D 16 Lines laser level.Zokoun IE16R laser level
– Remote control
– Bright green lines
– Outdoor mode
– TILT mode (without block)
– 2 power options
The appearance of the HILDA 4D green laser level with 16 lines or 4 planes of 360 degrees.A.B Crew 16 (Hilda 4D) laser level
– Remote control
– Bright green lines
– TILT mode (without block)
– 2 power options

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1st place


The most functional 4D laser level today, which has no analogues.

laser level Huepar S04CG

The laser level projects 4 planes with a 360-degree sweep, just like all the laser levels in this collection.

The most important difference between this model is in the presence of Bluetooth for control from the phone, and in the presence of an LCD screen that displays the angle of inclination of the housing.

These two aspects greatly increase the functionality of the device, and confidently bring it to the first place.

If you want to know all the details about this model of 4D laser level, see the tests, learn how to calibrate it, then see the detailed review of the Huepar S04CG on the website.

You can also watch a large video, but only with English subtitles enabled.

2nd place


This 4D laser level projects 4 closed planes of 360 degrees: 2 horizontal and 2 vertical.

appearance Fukuda MW-94D-4GX

Thanks to the two horizontal planes, this laser level is perfect for installing various ceilings, as well as for installing any floors and floor coverings. The minimum projection distance of the laser plane from the floor is 0.9 cm.

the device has an excellent delivery package, which also includes a remote control. For tests and information about adjusting the Fukuda MW-94D-4GX laser level, see the detailed review.

You can also check out this model in the video review below, just don’t forget to enable subtitles in English.

3rd place


Low-cost 4D laser level with good build quality and remote control.

appearance Huepar 904DG

The laser level projects four planes of 360 degrees (4×360º). Perfect for all types of construction and finishing work. It has all the necessary modes, including the ability to work from the electrical network.

The device comes with an excellent magnetic mount with a microlift and graduation. This model is easy to disassemble and calibrate if necessary. How to do this, read the detailed review of the Huepar 904DG laser level or watch the video below.

4th place


This model is included in the list of the best 4D laser levels in 2021, as it has a fairly low price and not bad build quality.

Appearance of the Zokoun IE16R 4D 16 Lines laser level.

You can also meet the same laser level under other names. This is not surprising, everyone can order the manufacturer to release a batch of laser levels under their own brand.

The Zokoun IE16R has a remote control, a receiver mode and a TILT function, although not quite as complete as the 4D laser levels listed above.

Also, this model is easily adjusted if necessary and is conveniently disassembled. One of the disadvantages is the plastic, not the metal frame of the compensator. For more information, see the review of the Zokoun IE16R laser level or the video of an absolutely identical laser level.

5th place


The cheapest today is a green 4D laser level with an optical scheme of 4*360º. It is because of the low price that it got into this list of the best 4D laser levels this year.

This model holds the record for the number of different names, so do not be surprised if you see the same device under a different brand.

The appearance of the HILDA 4D green laser level with 16 lines or 4 planes of 360 degrees.

Of course, from such a small cost, you should not expect a miracle. But for infrequent home use, you can still consider this device, despite many shortcomings.

You can learn in detail all the nuances of the HILDA 4D 16 Lines laser level in a large review. Also, watching videos with subtitles in English will help with the choice.

To date, this is a list of the top 5 best 4D laser levels in 2021. The list will be updated as soon as there are decent similar laser levels of other brands, so I recommend that you sometimes look here.

Also on the site is a large number of detailed reviews of other laser levels and useful information.

Comparative table of characteristics of the best 4х360° laser levels

Technical dataHuepar S04CGFukuda MW 94D-4GXHuepar 904DGZokoun IE16RHilda 4D 16 Lines
Accuracy, mm / m± 0.2mm/m± 0.3mm/m± 0.3mm/m± 0.2mm/m± 0.2mm/m
Compensator range, °3,5° ± 1°± 3°4° ± 1°± 4°± 3°
Range without / with receiverØ40m*/160mØ40m*/100mØ40m*/120mØ40m*/120mØ25m*/-
Laser diodeLDLDLDLDCrystal
Dust and moisture resistantIP54IP54IP54IP54
TILT function+++++
Receiver operation++++
Batteries2600mAh/4AA4000mAh5200mAh5000mAhCapacity unknown
Working temperature-10°С~+50°С-5°С~+45°С-10°С~+50°С-10°С~+50°С-5°С~+50°С
Remote control+++++
LCD screen+
Metal towers+

* directly depends on the degree of illumination

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